Autumn Still EP

by Autumn Still

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released December 4, 2014

Recorded, mixed and produced by Roger Arseneault (#7 Delight Recording, Winnipeg)
Mastered by Noah Mintz (Lacquer Channel Mastering, Toronto)

Music video for "Bartholomew" (created by Roger Arseneault) can be found at:



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Autumn Still Winnipeg, Manitoba

Winnipeg band Autumn Still grew out of the songwriting partnership between guitarist Trevor Graumann and bassist Bethany Swanson. Since the days of awkward youth roaming the river bank the two have bonded over pop sounds from Motown to New Wave.

Autumn Still has just unveiled their debut full-length When It Was, which comes off the heels of the self-titled EP that piqued ears across Canada.
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Track Name: Bartholomew
Eyes wide open, I'm half asleep
I meant to tell you a story
But forgot how it begins
So please just listen to my frustration
In the end

Memories are talent, like telling a joke
Flat, broken and muted or alight with the truth
Just like you Bartholomew

Stringed instruments and spinal cords
Lessons from systems that prefer to blind the dark corners of the mind
I'm not trying to say what's true
I'm just trying to talk to you Bartholomew

Eyes closed, I'm half awake
I'll carry this day in the constant ache of the past
In my bones
Moon's half full, seems to stay that way
Evens out at the end of all of your days
In the end

Maybe it's not for me to say what I'm trying to say
But I'll do just what I can do Bartholomew
Track Name: Our Last
You had the sight to say I have been feeding lines
Into the winter grown
My feet numb in my shoes
Valley of ashes, land of snow
They're gathered up at the window
You are the beacon tone in every distant hollow

As the dawn began to crash
We nailed our impasse
We nailed our impasse when you left the kingdom's caste
The stars put out their trap so we hailed a new night
But the ride home never did last when you left the kingdom's caste

You're taken by the tide
You're waiting for something to drag you down
You're taken by the tide
Track Name: Long Terms
With her retreating he slid into human being
The shallow way, all he could
Cluttered empty rooms
The TV on nature shows

This is what you call your leisure
Every day just the same to the letter
And it's the same place but it's now drained
So do you make a sound in a different language

There's just one name in your head
And it's not short for anything
No there's no path of least resistance

Under a rock he hid
In a den back home
Before the fire habitually
The last of the kind
But you didn't want to act it

This is what you call your leisure
Idling in the back lane forever
The dogs are out, their eye on man
So do you make a sound a different language

This is what you call your leisure